About Us

Commercial refrigeration has become a need of the hour for all the commercial houses and industries in order to make sure that they carry out their respective business more meticulously and conveniently. We, at Cool Laboratory Sdn Bhd make sure that all the activities and tasks relating to commercial refrigeration are carried out well as we provide you with the best commercial refrigeration services throughout Malaysia.

Our product and services include the installation of commercial refrigeration of different categories such as Display Range, Counter Range, Piping Range as well as Upright range. Not only this, if any customer wants to get any of his service customized with us, you may contact us and we may strive hard towards fulfilling the very same.

With a fine experience and a good name in the industry, we have expanded ourselves really well throughout Malaysia with our factory located at Kepong. Considering the needs and requirements of all our customers, we aim to provide a complete as well as comprehensive solution for all kinds of commercial refrigeration requirements, both in the local as well as superior front.

We aim to emphasize on quality, dependability, excellence as well as cost efficiency on all our projects and therefore we develop and maintain all the systems in our projects which could serve us with the same. All our capabilities include engineering, designing, fabricating, installing as well as technically serving and replacing the parts of commercial refrigeration.

Get in touch with us and secure a good commercial refrigeration service throughout Malaysia as we are here to serve you happily.